Sunday, May 29, 2005


A nice couple with little kids bought the bunkbed. Yeahhh! The TV and monitor will go smasheroo into the dumpster unless someone steals them tonight. They are not even good enough to donate.

Fifteen year old sold 3 years worth of Yu-Gi-Oh (including a very special deck built with the help of expert friends) for $5.50. Somethere in Port Moody a nine year old boy is very, very happy. Daughter sold a bunch of Beanie Babies and paperback books. The boys up the street made $400 selling popcorn and pop for the Firefighters' Burn fund. The block party was a happy smash. Now we're planning a pajama pancake breakfast block party - perhaps a fundraiser for something (people who need pajamas? pancakes for pandas?)

Life is sweet and lazy and full of sweet lazy neighbours all done with garage saling. I sat under a fuschia this afternoon and drank beer and pretended it was a hat (the fuschia, not the beer) only the bees in my ear made is slightly less than perfect.

question: who says the suburbs is a wasteland?

mompoet - happy to be here


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