Tuesday, May 12, 2015

and then what happened?

I'm back.

When I last blogged, I was breathing my way through Sun Run Training, starting my yoga practice, and figuring out that it was all connected to singing. Then I just stopped blogging for a couple of months.

My computer died, life got busy, stuff happened, the dog ate my homework... but I am back.

So here are the updates:

I finished the Sun Run! and it was great! I ran with my friend Louise and her brother Greg. They are both good, fast runners, so we hung out together in the corral before the run, then I said goodbye to them as we crossed the starting line. An hour an a quarter later, they were waiting for me at the finish line. It felt so good to know that on January 19, I was not a runner, and on April 19, I finished my first 10k since I was about 25 years old. It was really emotional for me. At the 9k mark, I cried a little bit as I ran, just knowing that I did it! I did it! The final kilometer was euphoric! The Sun Run training program is truly excellent. I was well prepared for the run, so much so that I did not feel a bit of stiffness or tired muscles the next day. (I think yoga also gets some of the credit for this.) I ran tens and ones, so technically I was a walk-runner, running for 10 minutes and walking for one minute through the course of the 10k. I have continued with this running pattern since the event. Yes, I am still running. In fact, Louise and I have signed up for another 10k in June. So there. My main objective in taking up running was to find peace. I'm getting there. Running easy and free is more of an accomplishment than finishing a specified distance, I have discovered. It's a work in progress.

My yoga is also continuing. It's wonderful. I practice about 3 times a week, and I'm feeling lovely benefits: fewer aches and pains throughout the day, improved energy, the disappearance of my menopausal hot flashes, delightful community connection and PEACE! Yup, the peace is there, during the practice and in the day that follows. Yoga practice encourages me to be present and focused in a relaxed attentive state that is very nourishing to my thinking and emotions. It's hard to describe what happens, but during the hour of practice my inner dialogue turns down or off, and I feel like more of an integrated being - within myself, and in connection to the world and the people around me. After practice, I am more conscious of choices that good for myself and the world. A very simple example is my attention on the way home from yoga. In the car, I turn on a CD and listen to music, rather than just clicking on the radio and listening to news or talk. I feel so good that I want to do whatever is needed to preserve and protect that feeling. I'm discovering that yoga is a way of living, not just what you do when you are on the mat. I am grateful for this.

Singing. Yes! We are preparing some wonderful pieces for our concert on June 7 at Evergreen Centre in Coquitlam. Here's some info. Our adult choir, De Coro, will sing with the children's choirs. I love choir so much! I am learning how to read music, and continuing to understand how all of the sung parts fit together. I am having fun being an alto, singing (sometimes) weird sounds that sound beautiful combined with others. Choir is community by definition. After the June concert, choir will take a break until September. I am excited about next year. We may go on a choir tour together, to meet and collaborate with choristers from another country. We will learn new songs and continue to develop together. ?De Coro is just 2 years old. Being part of its formation and development, as a developing singer myself, is tremendously exciting and joyful.

So, that's what happened. Lots more, of course. I will finish with a bit of inspiration, and perhaps the reason why I remembered to blog again:

"70. Your blog posts."

Yesterday, in the mail, I received a wonderful Mother's Day Card from Fiona. It's titled, "MOM - 100 Reasons Why I Love You." It's the most beautiful thing I have received in a long time. Number 70 is my blog posts. I am reminded how they connect me with my daughter when we are far apart, and makes me think of all of the other connections sparked by blogging. So I will begin again.

question: what have you set down, then picked up again recently?

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