Wednesday, November 21, 2012

happy birthday Isaac

This morning we slept in until 8am, which is not really sleeping in, according to Fiona. After breakfast we went shopping for stuff for Fiona's res room, then we caught the train to Princeton Junction, where my cousin Grace picked us up to go to a birthday celebration for her youngest son, Isaac. Isaac is THREE. It was good to spend the day with Grace and her husband and their wonderful children. My Aunt Barbara was there for the celebration too.

We are delighted to have this time with beloved family members on Isaac's big day.

question: who do you know who has a birthday this month?

mompoet - November birthdays rock!

together in NYC

Here's Fiona and Andy and me in Times Square Tuesday evening. We had a birthday party for Andy and me, about halfway between our birthdays. Fiona treated us to supper at an Italian restaurant on 9th Ave, then we picked up Junior's Cheesecake and sat down to eat it at a table in Times Square at abouty 10pm (that's New York for "early").
After cheescake, Fiona took us on an amazing clandestine elevator ride, then we headed back to the hotel. We are so happy to be spending a few days together in New York and New Jersey with our girl.

question: who would you like to be with this weekend?

mompoet - missing Alex, over the moon to be with Fiona

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

walking around in the lower east side

It's Tuesday afternoon in New Jersey. Soon, Fiona will be on the train down from university. She'll stay with Andrew and me at our hotel over her Thanksgiving break. We are so happy to have some leisure time together with her!

Today, Andrew and I went down to where the streets are single digits, and explored a few interesting neighbourhoods. Here are a few photos from our 6 hour walking adventure:

These are taken from the High Line. It's a park built up on the old guideway where a train once ran to the meat packing plants in the neighbourhood.

These are taken in Chelsea and Greenwich Village. This is a very arty, funky and zesty part of Manhattan. We enjoyed poking around, and found that people were friendly and helpful, helping us find places.

Here we are, pausing at a very friendly old-fashioned diner with new-fashioned food, for lunch.

I can't wait to do some exploring with Fiona along!

question: when you walk around looking at things, what do you see?

mompoet - enjoying our discoveries

Monday, November 19, 2012

We love New York (and the people here)

Andy and I are in New York and New Jersey. On Sunday we visited Fiona at the university and saw her school's production of Carousel. Before the show we went out for brunch in Upper Montclair. It is so good to spend time with her! Today we met up with our friend Al in his neighbourhood of Astoria in Queens. He tooks us on a walk (Al can walk a lot!) and for lunch, then we jumped in his car to see some amazing things at the Queens Museum. I'll post more later, but now we're going to take the bus into the city to see a show.

question: Do you love NY?

mompoet - happy happy happy

Friday, November 16, 2012

too long since I have posted - more for real from me soon I promise but for now...

question: is everything connected to everything?

mompoet - puzzling it out