Tuesday, November 20, 2012

walking around in the lower east side

It's Tuesday afternoon in New Jersey. Soon, Fiona will be on the train down from university. She'll stay with Andrew and me at our hotel over her Thanksgiving break. We are so happy to have some leisure time together with her!

Today, Andrew and I went down to where the streets are single digits, and explored a few interesting neighbourhoods. Here are a few photos from our 6 hour walking adventure:

These are taken from the High Line. It's a park built up on the old guideway where a train once ran to the meat packing plants in the neighbourhood.

These are taken in Chelsea and Greenwich Village. This is a very arty, funky and zesty part of Manhattan. We enjoyed poking around, and found that people were friendly and helpful, helping us find places.

Here we are, pausing at a very friendly old-fashioned diner with new-fashioned food, for lunch.

I can't wait to do some exploring with Fiona along!

question: when you walk around looking at things, what do you see?

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