Tuesday, May 01, 2007

When I was 13

A memory just came to me today while I was at Shoppers' Drug Mart. Chris, my friend at work, had her birthday on the weekend, so I got her a card and some tea and a magazine. It was Sunset Magazine, a pretty nice publication about living in the Pacific Northwest - a little food, a little travel, home and garden...

This made me remember how I once took over our family's trip to the Oregon Coast when I was 13. We decided to go for Spring Break, my parents, my sister, brother and me. We camped, and I'm pretty sure Mom and Dad chose the campsites, but I totally hijacked the itinerary. I went though every Sunset Magazine that my Mom had on the shelf (she kept them for reference), and planned all the places we needed to go: Sea Lion Caves, horseback riding on the beach, volcanic rock formations in the sea, dunes, lighthouses, a cheese factory, even an ice cream stand of special repute I think. Looking back, I think my parents deserve an award for patience and flexibility. I'm pretty sure I didn't get input from anyone else about what would be good to do. I also remember that I decided to dress like we were staying in hotels rather than camping. So I have a jewelery case, nylons, skirts and platform sandals for clambering down cliff-trails to the ocean. I also remembering postponing the striking of camp so I could preen a little longer before emerging from the tent, and something about a suitcase much bigger than the rest of the family's gear put together.

I'm sure my parents will say I wasn't that bad and that the trip was fun. But I think that will be a combination of selective memory and charity. I did grow up to be pretty nice, after all.

Mom, Dad, please comment. Is it like I remember?

question: is it?

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Carol said...

How wonderful it is that your parents allowed you to plan the trip! It might've been what started it all...