Sunday, May 27, 2007

observations on the memorial cup final

1. WE WON!!!

2. Junior hockey is a rougher game than NHL. Fairly obvious lags between puck-let-go and full on body checks anyway totally forgiven/ignored by refs. Also a head-punching session in the first period for which the refs stood close by and counted to twenty slowly before moving in.

3. Junior hockey has less pass-pass-shoot in front of the net, and more shooting from the middle of the ice into a thicket of players than NHL (if this game is typical).

4. The Pacific Coliseum is pretty cool when it's full to the rafters. Fans were pasted to the wall at the top of the blue seats (we were pretty near there ourselves). Sight lines are great up there but I had to breathe slowly at first to get over my fear of looking down-down-down-down-down.

5. Walking the concourse at the break is like walking through a sea of concentrated "Axe" body spray. Oh my.

6. The guys in the seats behind us are not ready to forgive that Medicine Hat player for biting people (or at least one other player).

7. Going to a Memorial Cup game and having your team win is pretty nice.

8. The curse of mompoet going to the hockey game has been broken. (Up until now I have never been to a game where our team won.)

9. I wish I had won the 50/50 ($33 thousand) but I'm pretty well off as it is. I hope the person who won it needed it, or gives at least some of it to someone who does.


question: did you catch the game?

mompoet - lucky to be in the right place at the right time

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