Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Sweet Last Days

I just posted my sister's blog for her. In case you haven't looked in on it yet, she's been chronicling her family's experiences living in Eritrea. They've been there for nearly two years, and are coming home soon.

Her stories of the birth of a baby to a dear friend Saba (who pretty much adopted them the day they arrived in the small town of Keren) and cooking lessons at Adem's home are now making me cry. How sad it will be for them to say goodbye to these people who have become an intimate part of their daily lives. I will be so happy to have Barb and Kim and the kids back at home, but I know it will be a hard time for them leaving their African home.

question: did you ever feel right beside someone, even when they were a world away?

mompoet - happy and sad and leaking from the eyeballs

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