Thursday, May 31, 2007

almost sleep time and I remember again

We were in this small airplane, a bunch of friends and me. Hard to tell who, we were all in matching flight suits with hoods and helmets. We were high high in the sky, riding in the cargo part of the airplane. In the middle of the airplane floor there is an opening. Now it is time for us to jump out of the airplane with our parachutes (for fun, I think, not escape). I say "I'll go first because I'll just be more afraid if I watch you all go." Then I squeeze out through some kind of valve or port and I remark to myself that it's sort of like being born out of the belly of the plane into the wide, cold, open air of the sky. Now I am falling and laughing and shouting and above me everyone's parachutes are blooming like flowers and we all float down slowly.

question: I wonder if skydiving is really like that?

mompoet - never tried it, except in my dream

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