Friday, May 25, 2007

and it just gets better

Tonight I'll see Anne of Green Gables again, this time with Fiona in her main character role of Josie Pye. The whole family will be there and lots of friends. We're also celebrating Kathy's birthday with a supper for Kathy and Michele and me before the show. Now I'm the only one of us who is not yet 46. Soon.

Saturday is the big garage sale in our neighbourhood, followed by the big noisy yummy potluck block party. I'm not selling anything this year, so I'll be free to stroll around and look at bizarre stuff for sale and chat with my neighbours. Andy and I may go visit with some friends in the neighbourhood after that, if he can get home quickly after working backstage at Fiona's show.

Sunday, Alex and I will go to the final game of the Memorial Cup. It's Junior Hockey, and we're hoping our team, the Vancouver Giants, will be in it. They play a semi-final game tonight that will decide it. Go Giants!

Storyteller Bill Macnamara has a show Sunday evening at Cafe Montemarte. I hope that we'll finish with the hockey game and ensuing celebration/consolation activities in time for me to get over to Bill's show. I might take Alex with me. I bet he'd love it.

Anne of Green Gables closes Sunday. Andy and Fi will be busy into the evening with striking the sets and then a cast/crew party. Monday, Fiona leaves for 3 days of overnight camp with her school. After all the excitement it's going to be pretty quiet around here.

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