Sunday, May 27, 2007

another dream

I don't think much about my dreams during the day, but when it's time to sleep again, they return. Here's one I remember from last night (a variation on my recurring "I did not prepare for this. Oh NO!" dream).

I am in a Production of The Sound of Music, playing the Baroness Shraeder, to whom Captain Von Trapp is engaged before he meets Maria. It's a community theatre production that flips around between the James Cowan Theatre and Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. In parts of the dream it's indoors, in parts outdoors. I think the changerooms and wings are only the James Cowan because I've never been backstage at Malkin Bowl so my dream brain used what it knew.

It's opening night. Everyone is happy and excited and ready except me. I realise that although I look the part, I have not learned my lines, songs or blocking (does Baroness Shraeder sing? I'm not sure). Someone loans me a script to "brush up fast" because the curtains will open any minute and I have to learn my part. The book says "The Sound of Music" on the cover. I am wanred not to mark or highlight it because the theatre company is going to send all of the scripts back to the publishing house for a refund now that the show is ready, and that can be done only if they appear to be unused.

I search for my lines but can't find them. It's not The Sound of Music inside the book. It's Hamlet. Everyone I ask for help thinks I'm crazy. "Look, it's the right script. There's my line. There's yours..." but when I take it back and look, it's Hamlet all right. I wake up before the curtain rises.

question: what do The Sound of Music and Hamlet have in common?

mompoet - Ophelia Von Trapp

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Lazy Daisy said...

I'm not sure of all the psychological manifestations of this dream but it certainly sounds like the "worried, not prepared, what if" dreams.

It's more interesting than my can't get my locker open or show up naked dreams.