Wednesday, May 09, 2007

BC Wants YOU!

Hey look, now we can get rich and successful people to invite our friends to live and work in beautiful British Columbia. Know an up-and-coming tech whiz just languishing in South Pompeii Arizona? Get Jimmy Pattison to invite him to come to BC! Know a corporate lawyer sick of the mean streets of Little Rabbit Saskatchewan? The guy who owns Lululemon will personally invite her to join us here where everyone is rich and happy and rolling around in nature's own paradise.

Now I don't want to be cynical about what a great place this is, because it is. It's just that this campaign is about as lame as a campaign can be. These auto voicemails have been in use for years. Think about how the video store reminds you of your overdue dvds, how the library tells you that book on hold is ready for you. I even get frequent messages from Jack Layton of the NDP whenever there's a picnic with the MP or an important constituency meeting. If we're trying to impress people with our innovative corporate culture and cutting edge marketing savvy I think someone missed the point.

Oh well. You could have fun spamming your friends with hokey phone messages and emails. It reminds me of the "teen magazines" littering the guidance counsellors' office in junior high, and how we used to cut out the coupon that said, "YES! I want to join the Canadian Armed Forces!" and we'd sign up our friends and mail them in.

If we want our friends to come live here, I think we should phone them ourselves.

question: which luminary would you like to phone or email you?

mompoet - BC is calling this pretty silly

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Kristene said...

I would like Margaret Atwood to call me. Oh, um, she doesn't live in BC.

David Suzuki, then. Definitely Dave. he can even come visit if he wants - but then I'll spend the whole visit worrying if I'm recycling enough...hmmmm.

How about just my next door neighbour?