Sunday, May 27, 2007

the bear is back, and we missed him/her

We were out of the house all day. When we came home there was a message from Myrna on the answering machine warning us not to walk the dog. Myrna said there was a black bear in the neighbourhood, and the police and animal control people were out with tranquilizer dart guns to catch it. She was less worried that the bear would meddle with the dog, and more worried that the dog might be mistaken for a bear. Some people think she looks like a bear. Do you think she looks like a bear?

She is rather bigger and blacker and shaggier than the dog in that picture, but I don't think she'd be mistaken by a bear. Still, it was awfully kind of Myrna to make sure our Soleil did not risk being stopped in her tracks with a tranquilizer dart.

The next door neighbours saw the bear in the little playground right outside our back yards. They couldn't confirm if the bear tried the tire swing (either for swinging or for eating).

I guess this means no early morning treks with the dog in the woodsy places that she loves so much. We'll keep alert and walk where other people and their dogs are sure to be until I know for sure that the bear has been re-located. No more prawn-scented hairgel for the time being either, I guess.

question: did you see the bear? did it look like our dog?

mompoet - aka ursula

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Lazy Daisy said...

Somehow I don't think your dog would be mistaken for a bear. I wouldn't be using the salmon mousse hair gel either.