Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I am finished interviewing

That sound of trumpet fanfares and angel choirs signals the end of summer interviews, or at least my part of summer interviews (unless any of my camp leaders resign). We had the "placement meeting" at work today, which is a combination of group collaboration and a hockey draft. Every park or camp except one has a leader, and we've got a couple of leads to fill that last space.

Now I can resume normal life. I am no longer responsible for finding great people for all of my co-workers. I feel tremendously relieved, but also glad I got the chance to do that. Meeting with people at the beginning of their careers is very encouraging. Yes! There are replacements! When I die there will still be yoga classes and floorhockey programs and face-painters for the fun fair.

question: can you see who will replace you in the future?

mompoet - grateful for the grasshoppers

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