Saturday, May 26, 2007

Answers to the pet quiz

Thanks first to my Dad, for pointing out to me that I have an unusual style of numeration. I think it's fine, and nobody else noticed, or if they did they didn't say.

1. Sasha - Is a dog - a shepherd cross with ears like Yoda
2. Pedro - Is a dog - a rotweiller/bulldog cross puppy built like a bullet and sweet as caramel pie
3. Hugo - is a famous traveling cat, black with white chest spot. He cruised the neighbourhood during the garage sale and hung out in a neighbour's tree
4. Asker - Is a dog. Her name cracks me up. "What's your dog's name?" "Asker." haha!
5. Sparky - Is a dog. A cute grey terrier who likes our dog Soleil, which is nice.
6. Rex - Is a dog. (would it be cool to name your cat Rex?) A baritone voiced black lab.
7. Casey and Griffin - Both dogs - terriers.
4. Mila - A dog (I think hers is an especially cool name) - Jack Russel
5. Classy - A dog - bichon who looks like a little white butterball, very cute
6. Chester - A dog - large puppy of unknown breed - looks like he's wearing doctor denton pajamas
7. Gandolph - A dog - a majestic and affectionate Great Dane who leans hard on your legs while you scratch his lantern jaw

So I guess I know more dogs than cats. I see a lot of cats, but they won't tell me their names. Dogs are easier in that regard, just run right over and tell you their name the first time you meet.

I did know a cat named Stevie who was skinny as a pin and had lots of kittens, but I don't think she lives here any more. She was pretty nice and I like her name (from Fleetwood Mac maybe?)

question: if you could name any pet any name, what would you choose?

mompoet - My friend has a standard poodle named Doris. I think that's a good name.

ps - did you know that blogger spell checks "rotweiller" to be correctly spelled "weedkiller?"

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