Wednesday, May 02, 2007

my playoff beard

My playoff beard is kind of weird
But if it helps us win,
I'll forgo ministrations
To the goat hairs on my chin.

Our team's not bad, we may go far
With courage, and with luck,
So while we're in the playoffs,
I swear I will not pluck.

No wax, no Nair, no magna-mirror
These spikes I will ignore
For our Canucks, a hockey hag
I'll gladly be, and more.

The men grow manly, bearded all
Their facial growth improves
While cactus-faced I praise my team
As loyalty behooves.

O estrogen, where art thou now?
With years your gifts do plummet
Yet I stand strong, my beard grows long
Onward! to Stanley's summit.

question: how's your beard?

mompoet - proudly prickly


Lynn Valley Girl said...

Oh, so clever!
My blog laments last night's loss but reading your entry has made me chuckle and raised my spirits. Here's to your hag beard!

Pearl said...

lol. Take one on the chin for the team. That's the spirit.