Saturday, May 26, 2007

quiz from my morning dog walk

Which of these animals are dogs? Which are cats? (all encountered on my morning dog walk). I will post the answers tomorrow. Sorry for the low-tech presentation. Quizbox still isn't talking to blogger.

1. Sasha
2. Pedro
3. Hugo
4. Asker
5. Sparky
6. Rex
7. Casey and Griffin
4. Mila
5. Classy
6. Chester
7. Gandolph

These are all real pet names in my neighbourhood.

question: what is the name of your pet? is it a dog or a cat? or something else?

mompoet - I have always wanted to have a cat named Stella, so my husband could stand outside on a hot night calling the cat, "STELLLLLLAAAAAA!"

1 comment:

Carol said...

What a good name, for a cat or even a rat, I suppose. (a banana guard??)