Saturday, May 26, 2007

everyone laughs their head off when they see the banana guard

I brought the banana guard out at the block party. Can you believe it? My friends refused to pass it around. Were they afraid to hold it? or be seen holding it? I just sat there for a few minutes and did my banana guard demonstration/discussion and everyone was falling out of their chairs laughing. It is mighty alarming looking. Cathy says it looks bigger in real life than it does in the photographs or on the banana guard website.

My neighbour Chris suggested putting a flashlight inside it, but I have a better plan. I'm going to put a glowstick in it and use it as a banana light. I'll wait until I have the camera back to I can get a photo of that.

Nobody can believe that this thing is for real, or that I bought it at a school. Karen wants to borrow it to take it to work this week. I said, "sure!" I'm thinking of taking it to the produce store to ask for assistance with a banana fitting. Several parents speculated about sending their teenagers to school with a banana packed in the guard. Several asked what the heck we get done at my office when I told them we fool around with the banana guard and line dance in the hallway outside of the staff bathroom.

Opening the banana guard lengthwise to reveal the banana compartment seems to make people recoil then laugh. Gesturing expansively with the banana guard makes people shriek. Holding the banana guard in your lap when you sit in a lawn chair is also funny. I am getting more than my $5 worth out of my banana guard.

In other news, Anne of Green Gables was over-the-top wonderful last night. Fiona as bratty, self-absorbed Josie Pye was so funny. The whole cast had worked through their first night jitters and the show ran smoothly. We were all impressed to see actors ages 9-18 demonstrating such talent and dedication. They are really amazing and wonderful.

Supper before was yummy, and the service endearing. We went to a Greek restaurant at the shopping plaza across the street from Port Moody City Hall (the one with IGA). When the waitress found out it was Kathy's birthday she told the singer, who was just tuning up as we were about to leave. He insisted we stay while he serenaded Kathy. I know she was a bit embarrassed, but it was a moment of total sweet, heartfelt cheesiness.

Tomorrow after church Alex and I will cheer on the Vancouver Giants at the final game of the Memorial Cup. Alex wants his photo taken with the Stanley Cup, which he has heard will be on site. It should be an exciting afternoon.

question: why do people like jokes about "banana guards?"

mompoet - I like it when people laugh

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Pearl said...

I think banana is just funny by itself. Add a guard and it's hilarious.

Like the glowstick idea. Once the shrieks start to subside, add a light. :)