Sunday, May 20, 2007

what shall I do?

While we slept last night, the banana guard and Nelson the rat set up shop together. They have formed an alliance. The banana guard says her name is Tallulah.

They have built a nest beside the thesaurus on the bookshelf in the living room. When I approach them, they hum loudly in an ominous manner that suggests I should back off and leave them to themselves.

What shall I do?

Well, I have to press some costumes that came home last night to be washed. Then there's church, then I'm going to see The Anderson Project at the Playhouse. I think I'm cooking a salmon for supper when I get home. It's the first night the family will eat together in 8 days, what with the show and all.

I think I'll just have to leave Tallulah and Nelson to themselves and see what develops.

question: Is there such thing as free will for a banana guard?

mompoet - Tallulahfied

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Carol said...

Who'da thought!