Thursday, May 31, 2007

two shows but first I will host at church (revised)

Devon Goodman, host of the Maple Ridge Slam, just asked me to be the feature there in June. It's June 15 at the Ridge Coffee Shop in the Maple Ridge Civic Complex (near the library and the ACT Theatre).

Then on Monday, July 16, (not June - I was ahead of myself there) I will feature at Twisted Poets at the Bump 'n' Grind Cafe on Commercial Drive in Vancouver. That's Bonnie and Sita of Pandora's Collective's wonderful monthly open mic poetry night.

But before I can look forward to all that, I get to host at church this Sunday. Tim, our minister, emailed me to ask if I could preside at the service while he is away on a study week. I said okay. I guess if I can host a poetry slam, I ought to be able to host a Sunday morning at church. Usually when Tim is away, one of our more experienced church members presides. The group of people at our church who serve on the worship ministry suggested that it would be great to have "new voices" on these days. I don't have to serve communion or deliver a sermon (we call it "reflection" in our service). The latter will be replaced by a dramatic presentation by Marcia and Chris, who often play music, but I don't think have ever done a drama for us before. So there will be lots new at church this Sunday. I'm a bit nervous, but no more than I usually am before I try something new. I'll try to do a good job for everyone and have fun with it.

I'll let you know how it went. And I promise, no score cards or rude shouting if the gospel reading goes over three minutes.

question: what do a church service and a poetry slam have in common?

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Lazy Daisy said...

wOW, look at you Miss Thing. Wish I lived closer to catch you preform. As for Sunday, Gotcha all prayed up girlfriend. I know everything will go well.