Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is it a blue moon today? or tomorrow?

I was driving home tonight and I saw the full moon. It's May 31 so it must be a blue moon. Cool! But before I blogged it I wanted to be sure so I checked a moon phase calculator on the internet and guess what? It said full moon on June1, which is still okay, because that means there will be a blue moon at the end of June, just one month later. But wait! That moon I saw was as round as round could be. If it got any rounder it would be more than full and the moon can't be that. I should know. I know round, I do.

Then I found this article. It seems that the calculation of the blue moon of 2007 depends on what time zone you live in. So it is a blue moon here, tonight. It is also a blue moon tonight in Hawaii and New York. However, in London, Tokyo and Aukland, it is not a blue moon. The first full moon of June will happen early Saturday morning, and the blue moon happens at the end of that month.

Interesting (at least I think so).

question: blue mooon?

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