Saturday, May 19, 2007


I am lately declining timbits and two-bite brownies. I have been accepting dreambits. Here, I'll share them:

I am at a school somewhere and a celebration is about to occur. Everyone is outside the building, milling around and chatting happily. Now it's time to go inside where someone important will be honoured. I enter with everyone else but find myself coming into the room last. Now I'm in a church, entering from behind the altar, upstaging a priest who is conducting a funeral for the person who I thought was going to be there for the party. The priest stops the funeral to criticize me for being disruptive, then sends me out of the church.


I am in a meeting at work with co-workers and community people. The meeting chair stops the meeting and asks me what's wrong, because I am crying. I insist that I am not crying, but I notice that I am mopping my face with a towel and there is water all over the table and on my meeting papers.


I go to a production of Hamlet with our daughter. Some of her friends are in the show. As we watch the performance, we realise that it's not the show, or the kids, but a bunch of adults re-enacting parts of the show, and critiquing the performances of their children. I am disappointed and confused. Our daughter seems not to mind. Outside after the show the other parents tell me I am just not sophisticated enough to appreciate this "interpretation" of the show.

That's all I can remember. I must have ate the rest.

question: what flavour were your dreams last night?

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