Monday, April 30, 2007

bad dream

Last night I was trapped in a taxi by a bad taxi driver. He kidnapped me, along with one my co-workers - someone I supervise. I was responsible for escaping and helping my friend/co-worker escape. Escaping involved calling for help on a cell phone. I discovered about 8 cell phones in my bag - none of them mine, and all non-functional in some way or another. Another permutation of the bad phone dream that has plagued me since I can remember. When my alarm rang I resisted waking because I hadn't solved the problem in the dream yet.

question: do you have an archetypal stress dream?

mompoet - I have several (if that's allowed)


Carol said...

No archetypal stress dreams lately. I guess I experience the stress and don't suppress it, unfortunately.

mompoet said...

I don't know Carol, maybe your way is best? The surpressed stress can get pretty stinky and pop out in unexpected ways. If only there was a way to vaporize it before it caused us grief either way...