Friday, April 13, 2007


I actually smelled them. Thursday night, 6:55pm outside of Burnaby City Hall after a brief but heave rainshower. THEY...SMELLED...WONDERFUL.

In case you've missed my previous rants about smell deficit problems, I have lost a good part of my sense of smell in the last few years. I'm still okay for stuff I can physically snuffle up close, but those delicious wafty hints of "something over here - look!" happen very rarely these days. Once in a while the portal opens and whoooooo! It helps that there are a googolplex daffodils blooming around Burnaby City Hall. mmmmmmm

Other signs of spring:

"Bear in the Area Signs" are popping up - saw one on Heritage Mountain Boulevard on the weekend.

flip flops are back out of the closet (not mine yet!)

there were some kids with a lemonade stand on Monday

Welcome Spring. Bring me some more smells that I can smell.

question: if you could smell only one smell, what would you smell?

mompoet - I could never choose


Carol said...

I couldn't either but I love the smell of lilacs, sweetgrass, snuffed out candles, cinnamon...

Imran said...

Only one smell...

The smell of my son when he was a baby. Just loved it!

Now, I can smell him before he enters the front door coming back home after his gym class at school!

Pearl said...

How delightful to smell spring develop.

me? Chocolate.

Lynn Valley Girl said...

Freshly cut grass brings back happy childhood memories.
But I also enjoy the smell of onions and garlic being lightly fried; a sure sign that dinner is being prepared!
MP - I didn't know you had a decreased sense of smell ??