Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter is happy

We had a lovely church service for Easter Sunday. It was pouring rain, so I skipped the sunrise service at Rocky Point Pier, scheduled for 7am, and made it in for the regular service at 10. The church was filled with light and flowers and families, everyone smiling and singing and happy to be there. Easter Sunday is wonderful!

After a quiet day at home, we joined with my parents and Andy's brother and nephew at Andy's Mom's place for supper. It was yummy and relaxing.

Now Andy is back at work, but the kids and I have one more day off - Monday in lieu of the Sunday which falls on the weekend, so somehow we are "owed" a day off from work and school. I think that's a funny notion, but I'll take the day off anytime!

With Easter past, we jump into the tumble jumble of spring activities: music festivals, plays, exams and report cards, gardening, block parties, longer adventures walking the dog, karate grading, Van Slam semis and finals, hiring and training for summer day camp, the busy season for movie-making. It's always full to the brim in springtime for everyone in this family. I'm grateful for our energy and for the opportunities to be so busy with things we love to do.

question: did you have a good Easter?

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J. Andrew Lockhart said...

Glad you had a good day --- I think the Lord will forgive you for missing the sunrise service --- after all, if it was raining, there was no sun to rise. :)