Monday, April 09, 2007

a new epidsode

Alex: Come quick Mom! It's a brand new episode of Little People Big World...the one where Matt and Jacob get hurt!

Mom: Oh my! What happens to them?

Alex: Trebuchet accident.

question: whuuu?

mompoet - still figuring out what it is about TV


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

I'v never heard of this show..

Carol said...

who got hurt? I only saw some legs in a preview. I missed it!

mompoet said...

Jacob (the youngest son) and a family friend (Charley I think)got squashed by the trebuchet - not hurled through the air or bullseyed from a distance as one might imagine. Alex watched the whole thing and he couldn't/wouldn't explain it. I caught the ending where they came home from the hospital. Jacob had surgery on his skull to pull out a fractured bit that got squashed in. I think they should put that trebuchet away now.