Saturday, April 21, 2007

pocket pc

I think I just kicked my personal dork-dom rating up a notch by accepting a pocket pc and keyboard from work. Now I just have to get one of those really dorky bluetooth earpieces and walk around looking like I'm talking to myself or I'm being driven by remote control via a brain implant, or both.

Oh wait, mine's not a phone, so cancel the earpiece. Thank goodness, now I'm just a sub-dork again. That feels better.

question: do these things actually save us time and make us more productive?

mompoet - that was a rhetorical question


Lynn Valley Girl said...

A young woman I work with laughed at me today because I am not an effective "texter" of messages. I'm too slow and she says it takes me a bagillion years to send a message. So I had her send one to my daughter because it was driving her crazy! Maybe it makes life easier for the young kids entering the technological-geared years but I'm feeling somewhat left behind.

Stephen said...

I had an old Palm Pilot at work, and was pretty devoted to it, but after a while I stopped using it because the battery died, and there was no way to replace it rather than buying a new machine.

I've used an earpiece with bluetooth to keep my hands free while talking on the phone and doing chores at the same time. Makes for a less painful neck. I tried using it in public once, but I'm not ready to be that guy.

mompoet said...

Hi LVG and Steven, thanks for your comments. I have used a palm pilot for about 5 years. I even have a keyboard, which is very handy. The pocket PC just seems pretty alien to me now that I'm used to palm. The good thing is that I can connect to the internet with it, and it has programs like Word and Excel, so I can port around docs from my office, and even create docs away from the office, fully formatted and ready for use or sharing. LVG, I know what you mean about the kids being so adept at technology. It makes me feel like I'm making a big deal out of nothing, but it is big for me. And Steven, I'm glad you're not a roaming bluetooth talker. Those guys look like cyborgs.