Thursday, April 12, 2007

Teeny Ted

There's this guy named Robert Chaplin who collaborated with physicists at Simon Fraser University to make the world's smallest book. It's indescribably how much I love this.

The creator of the book seems to be an interesting person indeed. While he was unavailable for comment to Canadadotcom, he did talk to CBC Radio's As It Happens this evening. I looked him up. He has a blog.

An interesting fact about Robert Chaplin. He published a toilet plunger and got it into the National Library of Canada.

I need to read more, but it seems like he enjoys carving, publishing and science.

question: read any good toilet plungers lately?

mompoet - still trying to read what size is this sewing machine needle...quick! get the electron microscope!

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Carol said...

Thanks for sharing that. He is interestingly unique.