Saturday, April 28, 2007

Good lines

I read lots of novels, but remember only a few. Here's the most memorable opening line I have ever read - my favourite:

"Have I told you the drone's penis snaps off during intercourse with the queen bee?" asked Augusta.
"Yes," said Rose. "Many times."

My favourite closing line is:

And the ache of parting became sort of a different ache - an ache of happiness - and they turned and went back toward the house, where the aunts were waiting.

The opening line is from A Recipe for Bees, by Gail Anderson-Dargatz. The closing line is from Island of the Aunts, by Eva Ibbotson.

I liked the middles of these novels very much too.

question: what lines do you remember from your reading?

mompoet - some words stick in my head especially well

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Carol said...

Hmmm-----I can't remember any of them----hmmm.