Sunday, April 15, 2007

breathe out

This week has been two scoops too many, but we're through it. Lots of good stuff, just too much, too relentlessly, too intense with not a moment to breathe (let alone think) in between.

I've been doing summer job interviews at work, trying to hire for about 20 positions. It's going well, but it's nerve-wracking anyways because it's very important, and I'm doing it not for my own programs, but on behalf of a big summer programs committee. I'm hiring other people's staff. I know now that I do not want to be an HR consultant. It's too difficult.

In between I'm trying to keep up with my regular work, including a community meeting, program startups, time to meet with my co-workers and staff who I supervise, all the while trying not to be a grumpy rushed distracted messy mess. I have this lurking feeling like "I forgot something important" constantly. Multi-tasking is one thing. Operating simultaneously in several dimensions is not good. I have a break from interviews this week then a blast of more interviews in the final week of April and it will be mostly done. Thank goodness my good friend and co-worker Robin is doing the background checks and sitting down with me for a reality check every day or two. Without her, I think I might be spinning in the stratosphere right now.

In between that, I've been going to the Coquitlam District Music Festival with Fiona who has done phenomenally well. She competed in 5 categories, placed in 4, got wonderful adjudications and sang and performed beautifully. I am so proud of her. She has worked hard, and it's paying off spectacularly. Watching the competition is exciting and sweaty and emotional. We all sit in complete silence watching and listening, but inside I'm jumping out of my chair and shrieking quite often. (Good thing it doesn't show.) I did cry a couple of times, but I slouched down and hid behind someone tall so I wouldn't be an embarassment. (I hope)

In between that, I've been helping Alex get his final hours of practice driving in. Soon he'll go for his "N" test which will qualify him as a new driver, allowed to drive my car solo with some restrictions. He's also putting out job applications, so I guess this summer he'll be using my car to drive to work. Maybe I'll have an excuse to stay home more. I like that.

Andy and I finally got some time together on Friday. We went out for supper with a bunch of friends, including Andy's best man from our wedding. Bill and his wife Linda live in Calgary. They visit every few months, and we all get together. It was nice. We talked and laughed and caught up. We went to the Keg restaurant and ate steak, which I hardly ever do any more. It was good, but I didn't feel that good after.

That's the other thing about this week - not enough time for health. I missed the gym all except Friday morning. When I got there I was so wound up I think I just about broke the pedals off the bike. But it felt good. Next interview week, I'm going to try to stop for some exercise throughout the week.

This week it's the middle school production of Oliver. I'm still sewing costumes, but now they're for Anne of Green Gables. And Andy has a horrible chest-coughing cold, so I'm trying to do as much for him as I can, while he rests. My job for myself this week is to calm down, stop rushing, forget about some things and find out it's okay, really. I will exercise, and read, and watch a movie. That will be much better.

question: how do you make yourself reset to a more reasonable pace?

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Lynn Valley Girl said...

Sounds like you need to take a deep breath or a hot bath or a long walk...or all three!
Here's wishing you a good week ahead!
Good job to Fiona! lvg