Thursday, January 26, 2006

Time for a Potluck

Update: The table is now full. Thank you everyone for your contributions. I'll work on the poem and post it before I sleep Thursday.
Of course, if any rebel wants to arrive late with a bite or two, there might be some of us still hungry, but you're taking your chances, and it best be dessert you're bringing...

Carol, whose blog is called A Revision, recently asked if I would write a poem for her Friends of the Friendless Marching Band. I told her I would be delighted, but I need some help from my friends.

Every Friday, Carol highlights an interesting but under-visited blog and invites her band of fellow bloggers to visit the site. We all play instruments, and most of us joined because we were visited. I have found some very cool sites and wonderful people in the band.

I think I can have a poem ready for next Friday's FFMB post (that would be Feb 3). But I don't want to write it all by myself. Whether you're a member of the band or not, please help me by bringing your dish to the potluck sometime this weekend. I'm looking for (you can bring me one or more):

  • a word or phrase that you would like to have in the poem
  • a place (real or not)
  • a person (specific or general)
  • a colour, sound, flavour, song, sensation
  • a cliche or song lyric or something else someone might say
  • an historical event
  • anything else you would like in the poem
I will take all of your "casseroles" and "cakes" and lay them out banquet-style to make a poem. I don't know what it will be about. It will be about whatever you send me.

It will be fun.

question: do you have something for me?

mompoet - getting ready to make pome


Carol said...

This will be good. I have a few ideas for the FFMB poem.


place:Alaskan Wasteland (heard in reference to our beautiful country)

person:Barbara Pepper (she played a member of the original FFMB on the I Love Lucy show)

sound: hullabaloo

song: Babaloo

flavor: vanilla fudge ripple

sensation: bubbly fictitious

cliche: beats the band

historical event: man landing on the moon

Mango Lane said...

Hello. I brought a few things for you to ponder.
Phrase- I Love Lucy
Place- Queen Charlotte Islands
Person- Robert Preston
Colour- Green
Sound- Wind Chimes
Flavour- Cotton Candy
Song- Seventy-six Trombones
Sensation- Adrenalin rush
Cliche- Strike up the band.
Historic event- The dismantling of the Berlin Wall.

zeb said...

color: black

place: right here

person: Jesus Christ

sound: thunder

song: "Wrote a song for everyone"

flavor: strawberry

sensation: taking off in a jet plane

cliche: get it on the way home

historical event: crucifixion

phrase: For anyone to become a somebody, somebody has to become a nobody

Pearl said...

all of them?

oh. I was going to say Cilantr, Bodhran and Battle of the Boyne.

Perhaps I still will. ;-)

mompoet said...

Thank you very much everyone. It seems I will need a large table and extra plates and napkins for this poem. It's going to be something spectacular. Please keep up the comments. I'm up to the task.

Joyce said...

Phrase - Go for Gold
Place - Blueberry Hill
Colour - yellow
sound - laughter
flavour - English Toffee
song - Light My Fire
sensation - butterfly kisses
lyric - welcome to our world
historical event - once in a blue moon

Lazy Daisy said...

Just brought and appetizer:

Sargent Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band!

Cliche: band together, band of brothers, bandaide (somebody stop me now!)

Blogger Theme song: "Your So Vain"

Random thoughts: International March, Fuzzy Band Hats, unique instruments...Kazoos, bagpipes, piano, etc.

Food: French fries and hot chocolate

Wow, am I looking forward to this poem.

Sounds more like scrabbled eggs than poetry!