Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year TO DO list - partly done

In a flurry of activity, I have done a bunch of stuff that I meant to do by year-end, but there's still a bunch left... (this is the practical stuff that I worked in around all the fun we had this Christmas)

-oil change
-bottled a batch of wine and started another batch
-mucked out the food pantry so I can reach the shelves
-Alex haircut
-straightened out dental insurance claims issues
-sent rebate forms for cell phones
-made a doctor's appointment
-rescheduled the orthodontist appointment
-got the old clothes to good will
-balanced the chequebook and paid the bills
-started reading a novel
-started listening to Handel's Messiah

-mail thank you notes and cds to festival volunteers
-polish shoes
-make an eye doctor appointment
-write letters to relatives back east and to Barb in Africa
-mend ski jackets and quillows
-muck out the kitchen cupboard
-order Christmas photo prints while they are on sale
-price bathtubs
-finish reading the novel
-finish listening to Handel's Messiah
-clip the dog's toenails
-do the dog's January flea treatment
-take down the Christmas tree and put away the Christmas decorations
-bake muffins

I have two days left of vacation. I really want to spend one day being useful and the final day of vacation lounging. I think I can save Messiah and novel for Tuesday, but I'll have to decide on priorities for Monday. Life goes on and lists go on longer. Tra la la...

question: do you make lists?

mompoet - traipsing the mobius trail of obligation


Carol said...

Yes, I certainly do. Still trying to find the perfect list system.

Stephen said...

I admire the list. My wife makes them. I do them in Microsoft Outlook at work. I find I work well with some listing (work-related, house chores) but not with others (books to read, or things related to hobbies.)

Lazy Daisy said...

Thanks for saving "Messiah"....I had a chuckle over that!