Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Where's that city where they're hosting the winter Olympics?


In my imagination I am going to call it Kalankanobia. Nobody can mess that up. When I hear some announcer bumble through calling it something horrible-sounding, I will substitute my city name just like a beep covers over a swear word...KALANKANOBIA. Maybe I will just shout it out and let people wonder what I'm on about. Every time an announcer mis-pronounces Turin, I will shout KALANKANOBIA!!!

There. I feel much better now.

question: what bugs you for no good reason?

mompoet - cranky


Carol said...

Not that...

You know what I am going to be saying to myself, now...

Mango Lane said...

What bugs me is somewhat related to your pet peeve. It really bugs me when news anchorpeople flub up the text of a newscast-several times. Is it not their job to be able to read fluently?

colleen said...

When people call Massachusetts Massa-two-sets. They really do down here in the south.