Saturday, January 07, 2006

I am Weird Too

Carol from A Revision is collecting evidence of the weirdness from her online friends. She has asked us all to post our reasons for being weird (if we are weird). I don't really know the reason I am weird, and would not dare to jump on either side of the nature vs nurture weirdness debate. I do have lots of proof, however. In celebration of weirdness, here are the first things that have come to my (waking) weird mind:

Five bits of evidence of my weirdness...

By mompoet

  1. I have chocolate in my underwear drawer (also a screwdriver, packing tape, a flashlight and underwear).
  1. I exuberate over peculiar but useful words (and experience an unusual - some would say fanatical and dogmatic - degree of irritation when words are mis-used).
  1. Whenever I put my socks on I practise balancing on one foot (imagine what it’s like when I put on gloves).
  1. I collect beautiful overbites (but I have forgiven my parents for the orthodontia that deprived me of mine).
  1. Some of my best friends are numbers (you should meet 49 – he’s a square of a prime and a stand-up guy).
Question: are you weird two?

mompoet - wee-rud since 1961 (Dad, is that a prime number??)


Carol said...

Hey. I have a beautiful overbite but you can't have it
and sometimes I practise my balance when I'm putting on my shoes!

mompoet said...

I don't actually keep the overbite. I just look at it and memorize it and think that it is beautiful.

colleen said...

Doesn't everyone have chocolate in their underwear drawer? I have to hide it from "others."