Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Fur Kids Play Date

My friend Michele sent me some pictures she took when we went out with the dogs last week. It was a nice reunion for Soleil and Chiclet, who haven't played together since we took care of Chiclet for a week in September. After walking through the woods, we played dog-frisbee with them in the lacrosse box at the top of the hill. (No frisbee, just dogs. People go to four corners and call the canines over in turn. Dogs run from corner to corner to corner as they are called and encouraged, racing, chasing and having a grand time.)

question: what furry creatures live at your house?

mompoet - dogs R fun


Carol said...

Does sound like fun, Mompoet.
We have a furry cat here. She hasn't played frisbee, ever.

mompoet said...

My cat doesn't mind croquet, but refuses to play frisbee.

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

answer - children