Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The big trip

On our family white board I have drawn a two-and-a-half-week grid of dates, with the name of a city inside each square. Most of the cities have roller coasters in them. Andy and the kids have been checking out websites about places where they have roller coasters, and also hotels. Pretty soon we will book places to sleep near roller coasters. Then we'll begin the countdown to our first really long, really far away family road trip. We have been saving up for this for about 3 years. It's hard to believe we're finally going to to it, but we are. Part of the calendar looks like a song: LA LA LA LA LA LA LA...

question: are you going on vacation sometime soon?

mompoet - LA LA LA LA LA LA


Carol said...

Sounds thrilling.

No plans yet.

Carol said...

Waiting for word from you. There will be a delay in normal Friendly Friday festivities this week but I still plan to put up the announcement of the plans for your poem for the following week. I will check back for your plan.

Eject?? So soon??