Friday, January 13, 2006


I just got a bit blonder today. Thanks to the miracle of peroxide and my ability to withstand a condom on my head and a crochet hook in my scalp, I am spectacular. Well, actually, I am spectacular all the time. Today I am a blonder version of spectacular.

When I think of blonde I think of this or this or this (oh I do apologize about that last one!) and also of blonde jokes and "dumb blonde" and blondies, which are brownies without chocolate which seem to be a gross error of omission.

The thing is, I was blonde when I was little, then when I got older I got more like this colour. Not exactly brown, but no longer blonde by any stretch of the imagination. Also I started to get grey a couple of years ago, which looks sort of like blonde except that the grey hairs stand up straight like exclamation marks. I don't know why!!!

So I pay Julie who is an angel and slightly sadistic with the crochet hook, to get me blonder a couple (or maybe 3 or 4) times a year. Some day I will post a photograph of me wearing the big condom hat with crochet hooked hair sprouting out, but I'm not yet quite that desperate for material.

By the way, when someone gets blonde (or any other colour) it is completely okay to say "I love your new colour." You don't have to pretend like the person woke up just slightly more beautiful by some cosmic accident. It's not a secret. And there has to be some compensation for this collander scalp. (Just kidding Julie. I like it, really.)

question: are you vain in any way? how?

mompoet - it's all right to be beautiful, you know


Carol said...

Abit, but less as the years go by. How?
Hmm-I won't go outside the house without makeup.

Funny post, Blondie.

mompoet said...

Thanks Carol. I used to go makeup-free most of the time but now it's the reverse. I wear it to work and out in the evening but try to have one or two bare-face days each week (often on the weekend), just for a breather. I don't feel myself getting any less vain as I get older. I hope I don't become one of those funny ladies with clown rouge and lilac hair when I'm very old.