Saturday, January 21, 2006

coming clean with myself

As I vacuumed the living room I thought about my previous post. Re-reading it I detect an obvious tone of resentment. Why does everyone make such a mess for me to clean up?

Here are my thoughts:

1. When I clean, I turn any real resentment about issues and disagreements with my loved ones into petty gripes about toothpaste and urine splashes and dirty socks under the couch. Anything that's smouldering is at least temporarily transformed into something that can be dealt with by physical effort. It's a form of denial or at least deferral. I must think on this.

2. When I clean in preparation for a busy week, I soothe my own guilty conscious. It's okay that I am going to abandon my responsiblities (family and work) on a temporary basis. I'm leaving a clean and tidy habitat for my loved ones to enjoy while I am away. I must think on this also.

question: who'd have thought I'd move the sofa and THAT would crawl out?

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Imran said...

Hmm... Think I heard the same question from my wife.