Sunday, January 08, 2006


First the New Year's Resolution. I am going to write one letter each week to someone who would normally never receive a letter from me, and mail it. First one went into the mail yesterday.

Next.. two suggestions from my daughter about change: she says it's time to change my hairstyle (I disagree) and also my blog template (I think that sounds like fun).

We will see, we will see. I predict two out of three will be successful changes. But you never know. Otherwise I will remain EXACTLY the same. hah!

(not really)

question: when you turn the page where are you?

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The Violet Beatnick said...

Hello, Sue... Did you hear that radioshow on CBC the other day about the art of writing letters??? It inspired me to send several letters off to my friends, and I too have made a resolution to continue with doing so. Here's to many great correspondences,


J. Andrew Lockhart said...

On letter a week would get expansive in the US. The price of our stamps seem to get higher every time you turn around!