Thursday, January 05, 2006

theatre of the domestic absurd

child: Mom, what are you doing in there?

mom: Ironing.

child: What's that smell?

mom: That's caramel.

child: What?

dad: huh?

mom: It's coming out of the iron.

dad: WHAAA?

child: Why?

mom: I poured sugar water into the iron instead of plain water.

child: Why?

mom: Because Dad watered the Christmas tree with the pitcher I use to fill the iron. Only he left some water in it, and didn't tell me it was sugar water. So I poured it into the iron.

dad: (uncontrollable laughter)

child: But why is it caramel?

mom: The sugar is cooking inside the iron and bubbling out the little holes. See that brown stuff? It's caramel.

child: COOOOOL!

dad: Did you try emptying the iron?

mom: I thought about it, but how often do you have caramel coming out of your iron? I'm just going to enjoy it. Besides, it doesn't seem to be hurting this brown tablecloth one bit.

dad: Okay.

child: Okay.

mom: Okay.

question: what happened at your house today?

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Carol said...


I'm imagining a sticky tablecloth.

Carol said...

If you want to tell me how weird you are, you don't have to ask others to do the same. Just let me know and I will link to your answer.

mompoet said...

Hi Carol, thanks!
I think this post is a start, but I'll make a list and let you know so you can link me. I am definitely weird!
About the iron, the concentration of sugar is low, so it's just a miniscule caramel accumulation coming out of each steam vent - not oozing goo. The tablecloth isn't sticky or anything. Don't think I'll iron a white silk blouse though...oh, I don't have one anyway.

Pearl said...

Great attitude to an event. No calamity-making. wonderful.