Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Ladeez Just got back from Broke Back Mountain

And we loved it! And we're glad we didn't take our husbands who have been making fun of it (and us) since we started talking about going to see it! So there! And the credits were nice and long, and the napkins you get with popcorn are good if you forgot to bring kleenex.

I am blessed to have friends who'll just pull on their boots and head out for a movie spur-o-the-moment. Also, I am not so sure I want my husband to go "fishing" with his friends anymore.

question: can you think of a question?

mompoet - when I am an old lady I will go to the movies every week


ardi k said...

Which is better (worse)?: Husband making fun of it, or, not sure about yours going fishing with his friends.

Both are a little lacking of unconditional love. Trust one another. God made us all.

I like your posts. Check out mine.

mompoet said...

Thanks Ardist, I will check your blog. I'm not really worrying about my husband going fishing. Even when he doesn't bring home any fish, I know he tried.

WestEnd Writer said...

I cried too. For three days. Now I'm in therapy for trauma - and for insane jealousy of Annie Proulx. How did she do that?