Sunday, October 31, 2004

Tricks and Treats

Halloween night is quick and thorough here at our townhouse complex. The first kids knocked on our door at 5:20pm. Like always, we set up a table in the carport for the steady stream of ghosts, witches, dinosaurs, unicorns, princesses, Pippi Longstockings, robots, hippies, ninjas, pumpkins, tigers and Pooh bears. My husband bought 154 candies, and we ran out. Luckily a couple of neighbours pooled loot with us. We started out inviting the kids to take "one of each" but soon saw we'd be empty in no time, so we stretched it out to last until 7:30. Thank goodness - I'd hate to turn a kid away!

I served coffee and brownies and cookies for the parents as they came by. It's a tradition, and makes it more fun for sure. My neighbour was home alone handing out candies, but just before the fireworks she screamed up to our house on her bicycle to get a brownie. She said it wouldn't be Halloween without one.

At 7:30, trick-or-treating closes. Everyone goes down to the rec. centre for community fireworks. It's a fabulous display and prevents us all from setting our houses and trees on fire by doing it in our small back yards. My husband is one of the lucky volunteers who gets to stand up front with a blowtorch and set off a whole bunch of things that look like dynamite, all pooled by the neighbours. Boom boom boom boom ahhhhhhh!!!!

I think that Halloween is more fun than Christmas.

Question: What do you think?

mompoet - sparkling without chocolate (better not to start, eh?)

PS - Andy carved the gigantor pumpkin on its side, so the stem became its snout. Then he put a strobe light inside, instead of a candle. It was the best jack-o-lantern I've seen - except maybe "puking pumpkin." Well, maybe they are tied.


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