Sunday, October 24, 2004

I am trying to love America

I am trying to think loving thoughts about America.

I am imagining that there is good intention, buried somewhere in the frenzy. I am assuming that the people who are preparing to badger and bully voters and senior citizens working at the polls in the name of democracy are doing it because of liberty, justice, and truth and not just because they are afraid they will lose some advantage.

I am thinking that there has to be more hope than fear, more generosity and idealism than isolationism, more love than distrust.

I am hoping that everyone will remember the definition of "society" that was taught to us in grade 9 social studies - something about people agreeing that taking care of everyone is more important than taking care of just one's self and one's own. I'm sure they teach that in American schools too.

I am hoping that fight or flight will not prevail, that pluralism doesn't translate into a civilization designed by a committee - just good enough to offend everyone equally, just bad enought to please nobody.

I am picturing America on election day, remembering what it was meant to be, being better than its promise, walking like a prayer.

I am trying to think loving thoughts about America.

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mompoet - discouraged but still hopeful

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