Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Republicans First Off the Mark

The Knox County Elector's Office must have received my request to be registered as an absentee voter, because I just received airmail campaign literature from the Ohio Republicans in the county where I lived when I was 4 years old, just before moving to Canada. Now I know who not to vote for.

I became a Canadian citizen when I was in university and Ronald Reagan was elected president of the US. I assumed that I would cease being American at that time, but it didn't work. The guy at the US Consolate said that unless I joined the Canadian Armed Forces or something equally extreme, I would continue to be an American. So I still vote in the presidential elections, not that it has worked lately.

(Un)fortunately?? my children are not American. They would be if I had spent a minimum of 2 years past the age of 14 living in the US. So if your mom goes through puberty after leaving the country, you are not a citizen, even if she is. Still, I can live and work in either country, so could probably get us all down there if I wanted to. Now that Andrew is working for Technicolour, it's not impossible, but it sure wouldn't be my choice.

I will vote. In big old Republican Ohio, it might make a difference, if only a symbolic one.

Question: Whoda Thunkit?

mompoet - citizen of north america once I figure out how to join Mexico

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