Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Immunization, Poetry Prizes, Dog Tumours and Science Tests

That's about it for now.

mompoet - just kidding

Today I took Grade 6 daughter to the Health Unit for Hep B and Meningococcal C immunization. They handed those out en masse at the school yesterday, but some kids find it too embarassing to line up and get poked. Also, the big grade 7s and 8s punch grade 6s in the arm after they get their shots. The verdict after today's visit to the nurse and 1 in each arm? Easier than getting ears pierced. Well.

I just found out that I won second prize in the Summer Dreams Poetry Contest sponsored by Pandora's Collective. It's for my Venus de Milo poem. The winners are on the website, but the links to the poems don't work yet. I'll post the url when they do. I feel so happy and encouraged. I haven't sent anything out to a contest in a couple of years, so I'm doubly delighted. I had to squoonch the poem down to 40 lines - hard for 3-minute-me to do. I turned it into a prose poem, and it worked.

Soleil the big black dog has mysterious lumps, one at the base of each ear. Their symmetry makes me think it's glands or something, but they weren't there before. So off to the vet we go. She has been pretty much her usual self lately, except that she stole 6 bagels off the counter the other night while we were sleeping. Maybe they are bagel tumours - surgery will reveal poppy seeds and some raisins.

Grade 9 son has a science test Friday and a Socials test Thursday, so I'm helping with the study cards and review. They're studying energy in science - magnetic, mechanical, potential, kinetic, hypothetical, imaginary, gratuitous (ooops, not those last 3). In socials - English Parliament and the American Revolution. (?) okay, I know that's important, but what does it mean to grade 9s? Luckily my boy loves a good story, and has a good memory for all of these people and battles and successions. Maybe he'll take after his mom and study it in university too?

Oh yeah, also the High School Dance. Never went to many when I was there, but I'm volunteering tonight. Son is staying home (not interested). I want to find out what goes on there. I have discovered that any opportunity to be at the school when people are busy and not putting on an open house or a prepared meeting is a very good time to find out what it's really like. Snoop snoop snoop. I think my job will be to sit beside a door through which students are not to pass. Security-Mom at your service!

Question - what does any of this have to do with anything?

mompoet - trying to remember to look outside and see the moon in shadow tonight

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