Sunday, October 17, 2004

In the Newspaper this Morning

In case you didn't know all this important stuff:

  • Purple is the new black
  • Guys in parking lots knocking out women with perfume samples that are really ether is an urban myth
  • The recipe for shrunken heads is available on page A3
  • There are 30 or 40 "active bears" on the North Shore
  • Goth culture is less about death and more about cool clothes
  • Telus just made a sponsorship deal with Science World which will now be renamed "TELUSphere"
  • There's a real crisis in the US around the flu shot shortage
This information does not reflect the beliefs or opinions of mompoet. In some cases it does not reflect reality. But it's in the paper this morning. Gotta go to the library today and get a good book.

Question: Do you buy it?

mompoet - wondering whether to shred it or forget it

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