Thursday, October 21, 2004

Our Competition

Thanks to my Dad, here's the list of the cities against whom Port Moody competed:

Port Moody will go head-to-head against 14 other cities with populations between 20,001 and 75,000. Those cities include Ballyfermot, Ireland; Camden, Australia; Celje, Slovenia; Coffs Harbour Local Government Area, Australia; Fayetteville, U.S.A.; the Municipality of Kamnik, Slovenia; City of Kladno, Czech Republic; Commune of Nabeul, Tunisia; Port Stephens Council Area, Australia; Ptuj, Slovenia; Qian Dao Hu, China; Salekhard, Russia; Westmont, U.S.A.; and Znojmo, Czech Republic.

This is from our local paper on September 31 via Google. So far no word on who came in first and second. I will award a lovely prize to anyone who can find this information and get it to me first. Guess if you like, but for the prize, you need verification.

Personal opinions will be interesting too, in case anyone has actually visited any of these places. Come to think of it, it would make a great theme trip - around the world to see the places not quite as nice as Port Moody. Hmmmm

Question: WHO WON????

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