Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The Voice

Me and the cold are neck and neck. I am insisting that I will win.
The voice is caving to the cold. Maybe I will get that happy laryngitis thing where I just sound awful and get lots of sympathy, but basically feel okay.
Pluses: Taking echinacea and zinc and drinking water, heading to bed now (early)
Minuses: Skipped the gym this morning, glass of wine now (cancels out echinacea?)
Benefit: The voice - oh la la - call me on the phone tomorrow, it's a good voice!
Deficit: The ears - cottonful uselessness mmmfff
Oh well: whole day in the office tomorrow (finally) with only one meeting at 5pm and a szechuan lunch promised at work. Chili is good for stuffy noses.

Question: what about the wine? Do you think it'll hurt? Maybe not if I whine while I drink it?

mompoet - snuzzled but not defeated

ps Thankx Mom. I will add vitamin C to the mix. Ate about 20 little tomatoes at lunch - does that count?

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