Sunday, October 10, 2004

Turkey Turkey

Our family will celebrate Thanksgiving today. There's a Thanksgiving service at church, but the kids have opted out because there's no Sunday School or youth group. Andrew is a Christmas-only goer, so it's just me heading down there. I'm looking forward to participating in Mary's service right through. Teaching Sunday School is very rewarding, but I miss what's going on upstairs.

Supper is at Andrew's Mom's place. My parents are still in Cranbrook, so it will be a small gathering, with a big bird I'm sure. Andrew's mom cooks a complete, traditional supper on such occasions. She is so gracious, she has incorporated my Mom's favourites into her meal. So there'll be little shrimp cocktails, V8 juice, mashed potatoes and a pickle tray (her traditions) and also brussels sprouts and yam casserole ( my mom's). Even though my parents won't be able to come this time, she still does it that way. Dessert is dedicated to the kids. There will be 4 in all, our two and Andrew's brother's two grown sons. Each one will find his or her favourite pie or ice cream, plus the famous can of whipped cream (which we don't splurge on at our house). I think the kids look foward to force-feeding aerosol whipped cream to each other more than anything else. Adults have to look out or we get attacked too. Actually, it's a lot of fun. "Hey Mom, open your mouth, close your eyes and be ready for a BIG surprise...."

I'm not crazy about the big English style meal. I like the leftovers better. Andrew's mom will send us home with a care package, so we'll have turkey stir fry (including brussels sprouts) this week. Then we'll make soup with the bones, which is really the best part. I could live on homemade soup of various kinds. mmmmm

Question: Why do I spend so much time thinking about food?

mompoet - I yam what I yam HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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