Monday, October 11, 2004

How to Help?

Thanksgiving was peaceful and plentiful for our family. Two desperate situations came to light, however. I'm adding them to my online journal on the outside chance someone who can help may read this.

Rachel Adams and Mark Rempel are missing. You may have read the story in Sunday and Monday's Vancouver Province. If not - here is a photo of Rachel. There's a photo of Mark in the Province. I just couldn't get a link to work. They have been missing since Thursday. There are signs of a struggle at Rachel's apartment. Their families and friends have been searching and there's been a media blitz, but so far nothing. Their families think they may have gone up to Whistler, so if you know anyone who lives there, or who spent Thanksgiving weekend there, will you please forward this information? They may be driving a white 1988 Nissan 300ZX with a missing bumper. If you have any clues, please call the Vancouver Police.

At church on Sunday morning, our minister told us that a woman is living in the church because she has run out of resources and lost her home. The woman's name is Linda. She lost her job, ran out of EI, cashed in her RRSPs and sold her car. On September 30 she was forced to give up her apartment that she has lived in for 30 years. She has begun receiving Income Assistance, but that's only $525/month for a single person with no dependents. She is looking for a furnished room with access to kitchen and bath. I'm sure cash donations would help too. If you know of an opportunity or if your family has some extra to share with her, you can contact Reverend Mary Duncan at St. Andrew's United Church in Port Moody 604 939-5513, or call me. If you're the prayerful type, please add Rachel, Mark and Linda and their families to your list for the next few days.

Last night in the car on the way to Thanksgiving supper I thought I was in a cactus patch. My husband was exhausted and stressed from work, and not at his friendly best. The kids were being 11 and 14 and sniping at each other and us. For a moment I wanted to be somewhere else. But then I thought of all of the somewhere elses that are really bad and sad, not just temporarily irritating, and I was truly thankful.

Question: Can you help?

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