Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Things that made me laugh

Feeling itchy, restless and distracted. Shouts, tears, laughter and inappropriate snorts all near the surface on a day just too busy for low-level impulse control. Luckily laughter prevailed. These things made me laugh out loud (and those who know me know what that sounds like):

*That was not a smileycon just there. It was a bracket and a colon. I don't do 'cons.
  • A skeleton. Don't ask me why - about 40 cm tall, dangling over a hanging basket on a neighbour's house, as I walked the dog this morning.
  • A German Shepherd sitting in the middle of the street while it was still sunny. Just sitting there. I drove my car around him v e r y s l o w l y, laughing. He didn't even crack a smile.
  • A beagle, singing a sad song outside the video store, and a man, standing inside the video store shaking his finger at the beagle singing outside the video store.
  • An email from a friend telling me that families at the Preschool Fair spoke languages from every continent except penguin. It was only funny because I didn't get it and had to email her back to ask her to explain it, then I laughed at how stoopid I was not to get it.
  • Then I thought, is the opposite of a continent an incontinent? and I thought I was funny.
  • "Pumpkin-scooping kits" at Walmart. I didn't know what's funnier, the idea, or the sound of the words. (Luckily store security was not nearby)
Okay, you can detect that these are not hilarious things. But laughing at them felt good.

Question: Ha ha ha ha ha...right?

mompoet - "I'm a little teapot!"

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mompoet said...

This note of clarification from my father:

'Twarn't a bracket. 'Twar a parenthesis (more exactly, a right parenthesis).

Parenthesis: ( or )
Bracket, or more properly square bracket: [ or ]
Curly bracket: { or }

Dad, who uses all of them in mathematics and who rarely does 'cons {;*((